PowerSound PIR Mot
SmartSound PIR Mot
Motion Activated S
iSound PIR Motion
Mini Sound Module
MP3 Module with SD
Programmable Sound
WT588D Programmabl
timing, wifi remote control, temperature control, power-off memory etc.
APP control via WIFI, electricity counting, accurate temperature control, with timer and sensor, ease your life.
Check battery usage at any moment, warm voice prompt, battery aging test, good for car maintenance, high practicability,
available to offline update and play through SD Card; used in the occasion where needs loud voice for prompt.
With excellent tone quality, 10W big sound with far transmit distance, stable performance, easy operation.
One member of human body induction voice prompt devices. Supporting powerful DIY function and offline download.
Rainproof outdoor alarm with microwave inductive probe, supporting MP3 audio format, with good sound quality.
Support 8~320Kbps MP3 audio format, good sound quality.Support built-in maximum 128M SPI Flash as a carrier of voice st
SPI-FLASH, SD card and U disk for memory, free to replace audio. Support key control, UART and universal standard interf
Support WAV, WMA, MP3 audio format. PC can replace the audio of SD card free via USB interface. Built-in 1W power amplif
high integration, small size, low power consumption and fast transmission speed
Support WAV, MP3 audio format. Maximum support 32G SD card, adopt FAT and FAT32 file system. Support USB sound card.
Support MP3 format. Adopt SPI-FLASH storage(4Mbit-128Mbit), with rewritable function. With function of USB sound card.
Support WAV, MP3 audio format. Maximum support 32G Micro SD card, adopt FAT and FAT32 file system. Support USB sound c
Support WAV, MP3 audio format. Maximum support 32G TF card, adopt FAT and FAT32 file system (external connect with TF c
Support MP3 format, with high tone quality. Simulate U disk version (dispense with software, USB download to module dir
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